Virgo Soulmates: 5 Zodiac Signs That Are Perfect For Virgos

by Alan Young

Are you a Virgo and you have been looking for your ideal Virgo soulmate, but it looks like you’re only finding the wrong ones? 

In this case, I am here to provide a good point on how to start searching, as I am going to list the 5 Zodiac Signs that are a great match as a Virgo soulmate. 

Astrology can provide a good starting point for choosing your life partner because it does show the main traits and tendencies that you were born with, as well as the struggles you can face in life. 

Thus, astrology can help you figure out what type of person is suitable for you.

You can understand what type of personality can fulfill your needs and desires, and then choose accordingly. 

Of course, sometimes you can meet a person whose zodiac sign is not compatible with yours and things can work out. 

But the truth is that in general, relationships that work out are formed by two people of compatible zodiac signs. 

Of course, I came to this conclusion by observing the couples that I know, and a few famous couples. 

You don’t have to take my word for it, but have a close look at your life and see which couples seem to last and which don’t.

What Makes Someone a Good Virgo Soulmate?

Virgo Soulmate

Virgo is one of the most gentle, delicate signs in the whole zodiac.

They come across as very soft and diplomatic people, who inspire others to embrace their soft side as well. 

Yet, as an earth sign, Virgos are very down-to-earth people, who manage to remain calm and collected in almost any situation. 

They are industrious and hard-working, and in the workplace, they are always appreciated because of that.

They also have a creative side and can often be found in jobs that involve art and creativity. 

In relationships, Virgos are loyal and dedicated and will want to form long-lasting connections that are based on pure love and commitment. 

They like to have good care of their partner, but their soft side makes them require protection.

Virgos are a good fit for zodiac signs who have stronger personalities and like to offer protection.

Because Virgos are soft and tend to love fully, they can occasionally become anxious or attached.

This is why they need someone who can soothe their anxiety by providing a secure and committed relationship.

Also, Virgos love a good routine, and this makes them compatible with Zodiac Signs who also tend to be more organized and stable. 

Virgo is also known for being very industrious and attentive to detail, qualities which sometimes can turn them into perfectionists. 

This makes them compatible with signs that are calm, patient, and love to offer small proofs of affection. 

Earth Signs Compatibility with Each Other 

Virgo Soulmate compatibility

Because Virgo is an earth sign, it is traditionally compatible with other earth signs- Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, but also with water signs- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. 

A not-so-compatible Virgo soulmate would be a fire sign such as – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and air signs- Aquarius, Gemini, Libra. 

Earth signs are compatible with each other because they all love stable and committed relationships, and are hard-working, industrious people who put their best efforts into building the best relationship. 

Most earth signs are well-grounded, rational, calculated, and committed people.

When they enter a relationship or start a new job, they may stay there for a long time.

Relationships formed between earth signs are long-lasting, stable, and pleasant.

Earth signs can offer to each other the stability and affection they long for. 

Earth Signs and Water Signs Compatibility

Earth signs are compatible with water signs because water signs are usually sensitive souls who also crave deep intimacy and stable connections. 

Water signs are ruled by feelings and emotions, so they can help earth signs open emotionally. 

Also, water signs can feel emotions a bit more intense than other zodiac signs which is why they are good at bringing passion to the relationship. 

A relationship formed by one earth sign and one water sign can be a well-balanced relationship because the earth sign can bring balance and stability to the table, meanwhile the water sign can bring passion and magnetism. 

Water signs often crave the stability that earth signs have to offer, as that stability enables them to open up emotionally. 

When a water sign falls in love, you can be sure their feelings are authentic and profound, but for them to fall in love, they need someone who offers the security they so deeply crave. 

5 Zodiac Signs That are a Great Match as a Virgo Soulmate

zodiac sign that is a virgo soulmate

1. Taurus

Taurus is the best match as a Virgo soulmate because they are both earth signs, yet they have distinct characteristics that allow them to complete each other. 

Just as the Virgo, Taurus is also very steady in commitments, and once they choose to pursue a relationship they will rarely change their mind. 

Taurus and Virgo could form an “until death tears us apart” type of relationship, as both zodiac signs like to invest in long-term commitments. 

Taurus is also detail-oriented and also has a slightly hedonistic side, shown as a strong desire to enjoy everything that life has to offer. 

This way, they could help Virgo relax and start enjoying life a bit more, as Virgo people often are too conscious and end up dealing with anxiety or burnout. 

There are other points of view from which Taurus and Virgo can complement and bring out the best in each other. 

Virgo is very soft and diplomatic, whereas Taurus is a bit blunt and stubborn.

Virgo has a light, pleasant personality, whereas Taurus has a strong personality who likes to lead from the shadow.

Taurus will most likely be the one leading the relationship but Virgo will teach Taurus a very important lesson – how to accept different points of view and how to speak without hurting others, even when they are angry.

Thus, Virgo and Taurus can form a life-long relationship, full of love, support, and commitment.

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2. Capricorn

Capricorn is another earth sign who is a perfect match as a Virgo soulmate. 

Capricorn is very similar to Virgo from many points of view.

They are both very hard-working and dedicated in the workplace, therefore they would be able to offer each other the understanding they need when things get hectic and they don’t have much time for the relationship. 

Capricorn people are quite materialistic in general, and they have strong personalities.

In the workplace, they always hunt the leading positions and usually get them. 

This way, they could offer a lot of support to a Virgo, even financially if needed.

If not, they will most likely protect their beloved Virgo and will make sure no one takes advantage of their kindness. 

Capricorn and Virgo would perfectly complement each other, as Capricorn likes to lead and Virgo doesn’t mind, but rather Virgo would enjoy the protection that comes with this relationship. 

If you’re a Virgo and have found yourself a Capricorn, you’re in luck, because you have found a person who is highly compatible with you and your relationship has very high chances to last.

3. Cancer

cancer zodiac

The third best match for a Virgo soulmate is Cancer.

Cancer is a water sign known for being ruled by emotion, for being caring and attentive to others’ needs, as well as for having amazing psychic intuition.

Cancer is perhaps the zodiac sign most capable of deep love and commitment.

When a Cancer falls in love, there is almost no going back. 

Cancer is also quite sensual and likes to offer their love on a physical level as well.

Cancer would know how to spoil a Virgo and help them enjoy to pleasures of life. 

As Cancer is a nurturer, he likes to provide and give unconditionally.

This would be extremely useful for Virgo who tends to over-work themselves because they will have someone to look after them and cheer them up. 

On the other hand, as Cancer is quite dominated by emotion they tend to get a bit disorganized in their lives occasionally. 

Thus, one thing that Cancer can learn from a Virgo is to be more organized and stable in decisions, as well as not letting themselves be dominated by their emotions at all times. 

Cancer has a lot to learn from Virgo’s calm, collected and grounded attitude. 

Thus, Cancer and Virgo could be a potentially really good match. 

If you’re a Virgo and a Cancer is trying to win you over, do yourself a favor and give in, as you could end up with an amazingly loving and caring partner, who will be there for you during good times and bad times. 

4. Scorpio 

Another good match as a Virgo soulmate is Scorpio, who is known for being the most intense of all zodiac signs. 

As a water sign, Scorpio is also known for feeling intense emotions and not having a fear of commitment. 

Scorpio could offer the stable and loving relationship that Virgo needs while teaching Virgo how to become more passionate in all areas of life. 

Scorpios are very passionate in the intimate area of life, as well as in professional life.

Let’s just say they know how to get whatever they want. 

Virgo could learn from Scorpio how to be more determined and fiery in the pursuit of what they want, and Scorpio could learn from the Virgo how to control their emotions better, becoming more down-to-earth and grounded. 

A small negative side of this relationship could be that the intensity of the Scorpio could occasionally scare the Virgo, and the calmness and stillness of the Virgo could put Scorpio off. 

But with enough mutual interest and willingness to make it work, Scorpio and Virgo can form a beautiful, long-lasting relationship. 

5. Pisces 

The last zodiac sign I am going to present as a good match as a Virgo soulmate is Pisces. 

Pisces is a water sign, known for its good and compassionate heart, soft nature, and creative side. 

Pisces is perhaps the most innocent, naive zodiac sign that there is and it has the ability to love without measure. 

A relationship between a Virgo and a Pisces would be a very peaceful and balanced one.

They are both tend to have harmonious personalities who like to maintain peace in the relationship. 

There could potentially be one challenge in their relationship, given the fact that Pisces is very dreamy and most of the time has his head in the clouds. 

Pisces love to daydream, have a rich imagination, and most often work jobs that involve creativity or healing. 

In contrast, the Virgo is very well-organized and loves a good routine, one thing that Pisces could not offer. 

Therefore, the success of their relationship would depend on how well they can adjust to one another. 

Most often is beneficial for Pisces to learn to become a bit more organized, and is also beneficial for the Virgo to learn to become more spontaneous. 

In conclusion, Pisces can make a good Virgo soulmate, they will have a happy relationship together if both are willing to compromise and learn from each other new ways of being and acting. 

Can a Virgo and Virgo Be Soulmates?

Virgo and Virgo soulmates

A Virgo and Virgo can be Soulmates, and they can have an enjoyable relationship together.

Two Virgos together would be able to have a relationship based on deep commitment, attachment, and peaceful feelings. 

Perhaps the relationship between two Virgos would not be very fiery or intense, but they can be life-long partners, as they fulfill each other’s need for stability in all areas of life, from love to lifestyle. 

The only risk with this relationship would be that it can become a bit too mundane and boring. 

As Virgos are very industrious and work-oriented, they could easily transform the relationship into a routine and make it lose the spark. 

If you’re a Virgo dating another Virgo, my advice is to purposefully get out of your comfort zone every now and then, and do something spontaneous and extraordinary with your partner! 

Learn how to bring passion into your relationship, and don’t hesitate to speak openly to your partner about anything that crosses your mind. 

Summary of the Virgo Soulmate

In conclusion, the zodiac signs that make for a perfect Virgo soulmate are the other two earth signs – Taurus and Capricorn, as well as loving cancer. 

Other potential Virgo Soulmates could be Scorpio, Pisces and why not, another Virgo. 

Virgos are calm, diplomatic people, with a lot of common sense who dedicate their lives to work excellence and committed relationships.

Thus, they need someone who can understand them, supports them, and cares for them deeply, as well as someone who will bring some passion or spontaneity into their lives. 

If you’re a Virgo and you have further questions about zodiac signs compatibility, leave a comment below and I will happily answer. 

Also, I look forward to hearing your stories about your experience in dating other zodiac signs!

Virgo Soulmates: 5 Zodiac Signs That Are Perfect For VirgosVirgo Soulmates: 5 Zodiac Signs That Are Perfect For Virgos

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