Are You A Nerd? Here Are 12 Telltale Signs

by Alan Young

Being called a nerd is often a subjective term. 

However, most often than not, it means someone who is overly intellectual and lacks social skills. 

The combination of these two qualities is what makes someone a nerd. 

It’s not just being too wise or clever about a particular aspect or knowing many things, but also about not having the specific social skills that one would typically have. 

You’re also a nerd if you’re awkward, unfashionable, and unattractive. 

With this being said, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about the signs you’re a nerd. 

What Does It Mean To Be Called A Nerd?

meaning of being a nerd

When someone calls you a nerd, you’re defined as highly intelligent without the capacity to socialize. 

This means that you can become quite awkward in social situations despite your IQ or vast knowledge. 

You may not have as many friends as other individuals your age, or you may have trouble developing both platonic and romantic relationships. 

In the same sense, you also find it challenging to expand your network and meet new people. 

Nerds are pretty introverted individuals and like staying within their comfort corner, which is most often in the presence of books. 

Nerds are also relatively mundane and ordinary, and they’re never the center of attention.

If anything, they’d do anything to go out of their way to avoid it. 

These are all the signs you’re a nerd you should watch out for. 

In addition, it’s not all bad to be defined as a nerd as there are also good qualities to being one. 

Aside from your high intelligence, you’re also very passionate about what you enjoy doing. 

Most evidently, nerds will also treasure their loved ones at all costs, given their social awkwardness and introversion. 

Top 12 Signs You’re A Nerd

The signs you're nerd

1. You’re fond of books 

One of the evident signs you’re a nerd is your extreme fondness for books. 

If anything, this is the one quality that nerds are often associated with. 

Nerds like spending most, if not all of their time, on books. 

No matter the genre, they like expanding their knowledge or using their already existing knowledge to good use. 

Reading books is a nerd’s favorite pastime and hobby, which is why you can see them spending their time in the library. 

There’s nothing a nerd would rather do than get lost in the presence of books. 

2. You’re curious 

Nerds have inquisitive minds, so if this is you, you probably ask many questions. 

This is one of the signs you’re a nerd because whether you’re on a date or with a friend, you just can’t tame your curious mind. 

The good thing about this is that it makes the person you’re talking to feel like you’re genuinely invested and interested in the conversation with them. 

Compared to other individuals who speak most of the time, nerds make the best listeners. 

They ask several questions you don’t usually get and make the conversation much more enjoyable. 

It’s either this or they Google every question that pops in their heads, especially when they’re alone. 

3. You like doing projects 

You thrive the most when a friend or someone you love requires your help with an assignment or project. 

This is your time to shine and use your high IQ to your advantage. 

There’s nothing you love more than feeling valuable and significant when aiding in your friends’ and family’s work. 

Also, you can definitely tell you’re a nerd if your loved ones automatically come to you for help with their homework, assignments, or any work that requires high intellect. 

4. You spend most of your time in bookstores

We’ve already mentioned that one of the signs you’re a nerd is being socially awkward. 

Spending most of your time in bookstores is connected to that because it helps you avoid social situations. 

When you’re buried in a book, you aren’t expected to hold or engage in conversations. 

As a nerd, you’re naturally awkward, and you shy away from any socialization whatsoever. 

So spending time in libraries, asides from the opportunity of reading a good book, helps you avoid talking to people. 

5. You’re irritated by wrong grammar 

Nerds can’t help it, but they can’t help notice every wrong grammar you make. 

Whether it’s in your essays, text messages, or even during a conversation, nerds notice everything. 

If you resonate with this, you probably also can’t help correcting your loved ones with every wrong grammar they make. 

You can’t help it, as it’s part of your nature to do so. 

You assume that everyone should know how to speak, write, and type proper grammar all theime.                                                                                                                                                       

6. You hate parties 

hating parties is a sign you're a nerd

Truth be told, parties are hell for all nerds. 

If you’re looking for one of the evident signs you’re a nerd, it’s this one. 

You detest parties at all costs and even if you try your hardest, you still come off as socially awkward. 

You don’t know how to strike a conversation or flirt during parties. 

Also, nerds are huge introverts, so parties’ noise often bothers them. 

Parties just aren’t something nerds will enjoy. 

If this is you, then you’re likely to find the quickest exit at any party you’re in. 

7. Video games excite you 

As an introvert, another aspect that excites you is video games. 

Similar to books, you can also tell someone is a nerd by playing video games. 

One of the signs you’re a nerd is getting lost in the virtual reality video games can give you.

In fact, video games are often the only form of socialization you’re okay with. 

You don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of speaking with people personally, making it a nerd’s safe space. 

8. You get bored with small talk 

If you’re a nerd, you will immediately get bored with small talk. 

You can’t sugarcoat the fact that you hate small talk at all costs. 

You love conversations that fuel your mind and share your intellect along with you. 

In fact, you wouldn’t even mind conversing with someone more intelligent than you, as it means that you get to learn something new from them. 

You want conversations you can potentially expand your knowledge and grow from. 

You can’t sit in conversations that talk about the weather and how your day was, but you need something deeper than that. 

9. Your passion for certain things shows

One of the signs you’re a nerd is your intense passion for certain things. 

This is one of the most underrated yet remarkable qualities that nerds possess, but it’s significant. 

Nerds have strong passions they stay grounded on, whether it’s books, video games, or a particular hobby they enjoy doing. 

If this is you, your passion will evidently show when talking to someone you really care about. 

Your eyes shine bright with passion when, for instance, talking about this book you genuinely enjoyed or a video game you passionately had fun with. 

It might seem mundane, but this is one of the defining characteristics of a nerd. 

10. You socialize better online 

It’s no secret that one of the signs you’re a nerd is your lack of socialization skills. 

This is why as we’ve mentioned above, nerds make up for this by socializing online. 

Whether communicating through video games, social media, or text messages, they articulate their thoughts and sentences better that way. 

You might be awkward with face-to-face conversations, but you can definitely converse better online.   

11. You treasure your existing friends 

It’s an underrated fact, but nerds make the best friends and lovers because of this exact quality. 

You will treasure your already existing friends and loved ones if you’re a nerd. 

You might have difficulty forming new friendships and relationships, but you definitely know how to treasure the ones you already have. 

They’re your only circle, which means they’re the only people who accept you and your nerdiness entirely. 

12. You have low self-esteem

This last one isn’t for all nerds but I thought I’d put this one in there as it can be for some.

Being socially awkward means you can also have low confidence and self-esteem as a nerd. 

You’re lost in your own world and aren’t much focused on what others think about you. 

You might have an exceptionally high IQ, but your self-esteem can be pretty low. 

This is partially why you’re socially awkward in social situations, even if you try your hardest not to be. 

Things That Make You A Nerd

things that make you a nerd

1. Intelligence

Intelligence comes on top in this list of signs you’re a nerd, as it’s the one quality nerds are most known for. 

Expect that you will outsmart every other person in the room, not unless there’s another nerd in the room. 

You’ve probably read every book there is to read, and you know several things that people your age shouldn’t know. 

You spend your free time learning about new things and expanding your knowledge, as it genuinely excites your mind. 

You aren’t doing it because you’re bored, but because you enjoy spending your time around books or things that can make you more intelligent. 

2. Social awkwardness

Social awkwardness is another aspect you should consider in the factors that make you a nerd. 

You’re an introvert and socially awkward simultaneously. 

You might not know this, but you can be an introvert without being socially awkward. 

However, in the case of nerds, they’re both. 

You can’t keep a conversation and make it more interesting unless you take advantage of your curiosity. 

When it comes to striking a conversation or opening up, this just isn’t one of your strengths. 

3. Introverted 

introvertedness makes you a nerd

One of the evident signs you’re a nerd is being an introvert. 

This means you enjoy being within your own comfort bubble, whether it’s video games, books, or something else entirely. 

You can go for days without socializing, and you’re completely okay with that. 

In fact, you wouldn’t mind spending days on your own, as long as you have books and video games within your space. 

Introverts live a very peaceful and serene life, which is especially the case for nerds. 

4. Unfashionable 

Nerds don’t care about how they look and if they’re wearing the latest fashion trend. 

If this is you, you probably just have one or two fashion styles in your entire wardrobe that younger repeatedly. 

Whether it’s your hair, outfit, shoes, or makeup for women, you don’t care much about impressing the general media. 

You’re okay coming and going as you are, without trying as hard. 

As long as you have the current book you’re reading or any gadget of your choice, you’re good. 

5. Difficulty expanding horizons 

One of the signs you’re a nerd is when you have difficulty expanding your horizons and going out of your comfort zone. 

This is definitely something introverts and especially nerds will always have trouble with. 

Whether it’s being more spontaneous and impulsive, saying yes to more opportunities, or trying to socialize more, they will have difficulty doing things they aren’t used to. 

Is It Okay To Be A Nerd?

is it ok to be a nerd

With all of this being said regarding the signs you’re a nerd, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be one. 

Potentially, yes, there are several downfalls to being one, but there are also good traits. 

For starters, nerds don’t often care about what others think. 

Even if their self-esteem may be low, they also stopped caring about the opinions of others. 

We know how difficult this is to achieve, but nerds are the masters of not caring about other people’s views. 

Instead, they spend their energy caring about the things they care about instead, which are the people they have in their lives and their passions in life. 

Another great thing about being a nerd is their underrated loyalty and friendship to their loved ones. 

They will pour everything they have into the existing people they love willingly, and it’s one of the purest qualities a nerd possesses. 

Nerds may be mundane, but you can expect a nerd to be loyal by your side throughout everything. 

Signs You’re A Nerd – Summary 

In conclusion, this is everything you need to know about the signs you’re a nerd. 

Basically, nerds make the biggest introverts and often have their own worlds. 

They don’t do well with any social events and struggle to strike up a conversation with anyone. 

If you’re a nerd, you know precisely the struggle of this. 

However, you also have exceptional traits such as loyalty, friendship, passion, curiosity, and most importantly, substance. 

Your loved ones will never get bored talking to you, given your vast knowledge and curious mind. 

Are You A Nerd? Here Are 12 Telltale SignsAre You A Nerd? Here Are 12 Telltale Signs

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