Scorpio Soulmates: 5 Zodiac Signs That Are Great For Scorpios

by Alan Young

Astrology is been one of the oldest tools that people have been using to figure out their life path, in terms of relationships, career, spirituality, and so on.

It is also well-known for making accurate predictions about which relationships will last and which will not.

In this article, I am going to share with you a bit of astrology’s wisdom when it comes to choosing your life partner, and I am going to focus on which zodiac signs are perfect as a Scorpio soulmate. 

Therefore, if you’re a Scorpio, you’re in the right place, as the knowledge that I will share with you can help you make better relationship choices in the future. 

How Can Astrology Reveal Who is a Perfect Scorpio Soulmate For You? 

a Scorpio soulmate

Our zodiac signs reveal strong innate traits and tendencies that we are born with. 

Thus, we can determine who is a good match for us, because, with the help of astrology,  we can know what we need and what is beneficial for us, and what we don’t need and is harmful to us.

From my personal experience, astrology usually predicts it right, as most relationships that last are formed by people with zodiac signs that are compatible with each other. 

However, if you happen to like someone who has a different zodiac sign then what is usually fit for you, I encourage you to still give them a chance. 

The reason I’m saying this is that, from an astrological point of view, other things could influence how someone’s personality is shaped, such as their moon sign, ascendant and so much more. 

In astrology, what we usually consider someone’s zodiac sign is their sun sign, which shows the position of the sun when they were born, but we should also check someone’s moon sign and ascendant before claiming that we know how they are as a person.

So, even from an astrological point of view, there is much more to know about a person besides their sun sign, even if this sign can constitute a good place to start from when choosing your soulmate.

If you meet someone whose sign is not compatible with yours, they could also be someone who has come into your life to teach you some valuable lessons which you need to learn before meeting your soulmate.

In this case, it would be best if you enter the relationship and find out what the lesson was. 

So, when it comes to relying on Astrology to choose your Scorpio Soulmate, I strongly encourage you to take it into account, but if you happen to meet someone with a zodiac sign that is slightly incompatible with yours, I would not dismiss that person completely. 

What Are The Main Traits of a Scorpio?

Scorpio zodiac

Scorpio is a very unique and often misunderstood zodiac sign.

Their traits and capabilities make them people who easily stand out from the crowd, both behaviorally and physically. 

Dominated by the powerful planet Mars, Scorpio people have a very outstanding, unique way of being. 

As a water sign, they are dominated by emotions.

Their intensity can easily scare other people. 

They are often judged as being dark, dangerous people, but that is most often false.

They are old souls who have acquired a lot of spiritual power, which is shown in this life as mental force, strong determination and personality, and seductive appearance. 

Scorpios have been gifted with a lot of desirable qualities, including a very powerful personality. 

Scorpio is one of the most mysterious, intense zodiac signs.

They are usually very intellectually capable, driven in the workplace, and determined to help their loved ones without measure. 

They are very determined in the pursuit of what they want, and nothing can stand in the way of a Scorpio.

They are usually natural and successful entrepreneurs. 

What Makes Someone a Good Scorpio Soulmate?

The perfect Scorpio soulmate

Scorpios need a few things in a relationship: intense emotions, deep intimacy, and a strong bond.

Ideally, the perfect Scorpio soulmate can offer all of these. 

As an old soul with the huge power of understanding and a profound view of the world, a Scorpio usually needs someone who has the same depth of understanding.

Also, Scorpios are quite sensual and sexual as well.

They crave intimacy, and they can offer ecstatic moments in the bedroom for their partner, but at the same time like to be offered the same in return.

Thus, the perfect partner as a Scorpio soulmate is also someone who can explore their sexuality deeply, and who is willing to offer intimacy and intense moments in all areas of life.

The Vedic Zodiac shows that Scorpio is the Zodiac Sign with the highest sexual energy, which makes them amazing intimate partners, who need to meet their match from this point of view.

One last important thing to know about Scorpios is that they can be a bit dominating and controlling. 

Thus, the perfect partner is someone who knows how to deal gracefully with this side of the intense Scorpio. 

They would not want someone who is too soft, but neither someone with whom they would experience intense power fights. 

The perfect relationship for a Scorpio is a mix of intense emotions, and deep, intimate connections.

When it comes to zodiac signs, the ones that are a good match for Scorpio are water signs and earth signs. 

The zodiac signs who are not usually a good match as a Scorpio soulmate are fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra).

As in nature, when water meets more water, it becomes more powerful – and water indeed has a destructive force. 

Water and earth also support each other because water nourishes the earth, allowing it to grow plants, and the earth allows water to flow whichever way it wants. 

However, water and fire don’t go well together – as water can easily put the fire out.

Water and air also is not a great combination because air makes water evaporate.

Water signs – Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces, are all governed by emotion.

They have an emotional intensity that other signs can rarely understand or handle. This is what makes them very romantic, faithful, and dedicated lovers. 

Sometimes, water signs can love a bit too much.

The intensity that their relationships can reach can be daunting for other people.

They understand each other from an emotional point of view, and they usually have a strong, hypnotic connection. 

In contrast, earth signs – Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus are more tempered, and because they are represented by Mother Earth, they also have a soft side, who can love deeply. 

They are a good match for the emotional water signs because although they respond emotionally to the intensity of these signs, they can bring some balance in the life of a water sign.

When it comes to relationships, Scorpio is more prone to look for long-lasting, deep connections, rather than casual flings or short-lived romance.

Water signs and earth signs are naturally inclined towards commitment, whereas some fire and air signs may be more prone to searching for casual romance.

5 Zodiac Signs That Are Great as a Scorpio Soulmate

Scorpio soulmate zodiac signs

1. Cancer

If I was to describe any sign as the ideal match as a Scorpio soulmate, that would be Cancer. 

Cancer is a sign who is governed by the moon, and the intensity and depth of their emotions are oftentimes overwhelming. 

This makes them a good fit for Scorpios, who also feel emotions very intensely, thus they will be understanding towards each other.

Cancer is very sensitive and caring and can offer the amount of love and emotional nourishment that Scorpio needs to open up and become vulnerable. 

The emotional depth and innate intelligence of Cancers will make Scorpios fascinated with this Zodiac Sign. 

Intimately, Scorpio and Cancer are an amazing combination, as Cancer is the Zodiac Sign with the second-highest quantity of sexual energy, after Scorpio. 

Therefore, they should be a perfect match from this point of view. 

Cancer is very empathetic and kind-hearted, and so is Scorpio, therefore, in their relationship should be a lot of empathy and emotion. 

If you’re a Scorpio and you’ve found a Cancer partner, go for it! Things should go amazing between the two of you. 

2. Pisces

The second best match for Scorpio is Pisces. 

Pisces have the same emotional depth as Scorpios, and they also crave deep connection and intimacy. Pisces and Scorpios are usually very compatible from an emotional and physical point of view. 

Pisces is a sign characterized by their good heart, soft nature, creative and artistic side, as well as their ability to love unconditionally. 

Pisces are very reliable, honest, and they usually form stable, committed relationships.

They can offer the stability and emotional security that a Scorpio needs to show their vulnerable side. 

The kindness and naivety of Pisces bring out the soft side of the Scorpio and allow him/her to open up emotionally. 

In a Pisces-Scorpio relationship, Pisces usually offer genuineness and the Scorpio offers protection. 

Pisces and Scorpio can go a long way together, and they have strong chances of ending up happily ever married.

3. Virgo 

Virgo zodiac sign

The third zodiac sign who is a perfect soulmate for Scorpio is Virgo. 

Unlike Cancer and Pisces, Virgo is an earth sign, but this makes Virgo another perfect match for Scorpio because water and earth are two elements that go together very well. 

Water signs are very emotional and often dreamy, and in contrast, earth signs are grounded and rational. 

An earth sign could bring balance in the life of a water sign, and a water sign could bring more intensity, fun, and emotion into the life of an earth sign. 

Earth signs are usually “down-to-earth people”, who are calm and collected in almost every situation. 

Virgo is no exception to this rule.

Virgo people are well-grounded and they have a soft, kind heart. 

They also have a strong creative side, which is why you can find many Virgos working jobs that are involving art and creativity. 

In a Virgo-Scorpio relationship, the Scorpio would probably be the dominant one.

But Virgos are very clever, they know when to let things go to maintain balance in the relationship, so a Virgo would rarely get into a power fight with a Scorpio. 

The softness of a Virgo would also bring out the protective side of the Scorpio, and as Scorpios can get quite emotional, they will start feeling passionately protective of their partner. 

If you’re a Scorpio and you’ve found a Virgo partner, you’re in luck, because your relationship has high chances of working out pretty great! 

4. Capricorn 

The fourth suitable soulmate for Scorpio is Capricorn, another Earth Sign. 

Capricorn people are known for their stable and hard-working personalities, as well as for being stable in emotions and very committed. 

Although they can also be a bit dominant – and even in the workplace environment you can oftentimes find a Capricorn in a leading position, they know how to provide the emotional stability that Scorpio needs. 

The connection between Capricorn and Scorpio could also be prone to small power fights and petty arguments because they both like to be in charge. 

However, the calmness of the Capricorn would ensure that the conflicts don’t last too long. 

Capricorn is usually willing to forgive and forget, as they care deeply for the well-being of their partner and their relationship. 

5. Taurus

Another good match for Scorpio is Taurus.

The main characteristics of a Taurus are being down-to-earth, calm, collected, and a bit attached to the material side of life. 

Taurus needs stability, material security, and also has a slightly hedonistic side.

Taurus likes to enjoy all the beautiful things that life has to offer and to spoil their loved ones. 

They can also be quite stubborn occasionally, and as a setback, I could mention being a bit lazy and unfocused. 

They need a partner who is driven and who likes to lead, in order to motivate them to get things started.

Taurus people are a good fit for Scorpio because they have a deep ability to sense emotion and to love wholeheartedly. 

Thus, Taurus can offer the deep, stable love and commitment that Scorpio longs for, and can also moderate the intense emotional outbursts of the Scorpio. 

Intimately, Taurus people can be quite intense lovers.

As they are e bit hedonistic, they like to enjoy the intimate side of a relationship and make an art out of it. 

This makes them quite a good match for Scorpio, whose sensuality dominates their personality and who need deep, intense intimate connections. 

In a Scorpio-Taurus connection, Scorpio would probably be the one leading the “dance”, but at times Taurus will reveal their stubborn side, and that’s when slight conflicts can appear. 

These conflicts though could be easily resolved if both partners remember that their main focus is to maintain the relationship and to give up any type of power fight.

Can Scorpio and Scorpio Be Compatible as Soulmates?

Scorpio and Scorpio zodiac

A relationship formed by two Scorpios can be quite an intense one. 

Although the two Scorpios would be compatible emotionally and have a strong sexual connection, they could easily end up in a power fight, each of them wanting to dominate the relationship.

To answer this question shortly, two Scorpios can be compatible as soulmates, but the lesson they would need to learn from the relationship would be to be willing to compromise and soften their ego. 

Each of them would need to understand that their partner also has a strong personality that they need to express, and learn to balance the intensity of their emotions and need for domination. 

If they manage to do this, they will be able to enjoy a very unique and profound connection and end up happily ever after.

Summary Of The Perfect Scorpio Soulmate

To sum it up, astrology can help you gain a good insight into who you are as a person and what type of people are a good match for you, from a romantic point of view. 

Just like I mentioned in the beginning, if you happen to like someone who is not a good match for you based on their sun sign, I encourage you to still give the person a chance. 

There could be an important lesson to learn from there, or you could be compatible with their moon sign or ascendant sign. 

The best match as a Scorpio soulmate are water signs and earth signs, as Scorpios often need people with emotional depth and great power of understanding, with whom they can form long-lasting connections. 

There are signs in the zodiac who are more prone to looking for casual flings and short-lived romance, but this is not the case with the intense Scorpio. 

When Scorpio loves, they do it wholeheartedly, thus, they need someone who is just as stable in love as they are. 

The signs who are more likely than others to be a Scorpio soulmate are Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, however, earth signs – Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus can be a good match as well. 

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this article on the best Scorpio soulmate.

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