10 Key Pigeon Spiritual Meanings [Symbolism, Dreams & More]

by Alan Young

If you don’t know the purpose of animal spiritual meanings, they’re not simply animals. 

Instead, they provide you with a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. 

So if you keep seeing a pigeon within your path or maybe in your dreams, that represents a deeper meaning than you initially thought. 

Pigeons are one of the first bird species that have been accustomed to humans, which is why they’re easy to get along with. 

There are several pigeon spiritual meanings, some of them referring to fertility, prosperity, fortune, abundance, and good luck. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing what the pigeon spiritual meanings are, and how you can apply the lessons from those meanings in your life.

Pigeon Spiritual Meaning

The pigeon spiritual meanings

The pigeon animal has been around for decades and even centuries. 

They’ve been a source of information and information, even back in the day. 

Other than that, there are several pigeon spiritual meanings you might not be aware of. 

This isn’t simply a coincidence when you keep seeing pigeons constantly within your path, but there might be a spiritual meaning behind every encounter. 

As mentioned earlier, pigeons signify fertility, good luck, prosperity, and fortune. 

They also represent abundance, transformation, harmony, forgiveness, mercy, freedom, and well-being. 

When you keep seeing a pigeon within your path, it could be telling you to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone. 

Remember that they represent transformation and freedom, so this could be the sign you’re waiting for to stop holding on to familiarity and comfort. 

You’ve stayed in what’s familiar for so long that it’s time to spread your wings and finally fly. 

For instance, maybe you’re an introvert, and you’ve avoided socializing for so long. 

This is your chance to accept discomfort and get out of your horizons. 

They’re also a symbol of peace and good luck, so this is why you might see pigeon statues around homes. 

In some cultures, pigeons are highly believed to be good omens, and you’d have a higher chance of being blessed with fortune and prosperity with any symbol of a pigeon within the household. 

White Pigeon Spiritual Meaning

White pigeon spiritual meaning

When you see a white pigeon within your path, this refers to peace, love, and honor. 

In some cultures and beliefs, white pigeons are used to oppose war and violence. 

Pigeons and doves come from the same family, so their spiritual meanings are often the same when comparing a white pigeon to a dove. 

It’s also why you may see both white doves and pigeons in wedding ceremonies or events that represent purity and everlasting love. 

There are some negative connotations to seeing white pigeons, such as the belief of a white pigeon sitting on top of a chimney referring to death. 

However, white pigeons have more positive than negative meanings, especially in Christian culture. 

Setting white pigeons in funerals, for instance, refers to the release of the deceased to Heaven or the next life. 

Four white pigeons are also known to represent the Holy Trinity in Christianity. 

Aside from all of these, white pigeons also refer to loyalty, happiness, birth, new beginnings, and celebrations. 

Black Pigeon Spiritual Meaning

If a white pigeon often refers to purity, love, new beginnings, and other positive meanings, the opposite could mean for a black pigeon. 

Like with any black bird, a black pigeon could represent death, mystery, and other dark associations. 

However, when it comes to dreaming of a black pigeon, this could imply several things. 

First, it could be representing an internal conflict or misunderstanding with your partner. 

It could imply that something terrible might happen if you don’t fix this misunderstanding right away in your relationship. 

It could also pertain to unpredictable change, as not every one of us is good at adapting to change. 

It’s a negative type of change that could refer to death with someone close to you or an unwanted change in your finances. 

Dreaming of the black pigeon means misfortune, grief, and despair. 

Pigeon Symbolism

Pigeon Symbolism

Pigeon Symbolism In Bible

We’ve given a few insights on what a pigeon means spiritually, but this spirit animal also has particular meanings in the Bible. 

In almost all instances where you come across a pigeon being mentioned in the Bible, it mentions atonement, sacrifice, and devotion to God. 

This is because doves and pigeons were some of the animals used for sacrifices, so it’s only natural that one of the pigeon symbolisms pertain to sacrifice. 

Symbol of peace

Several cultures and ethnicities associate pigeons with peace and love. 

It’s the reason behind the tradition of flying birds after a funeral or marriage. 

Another reason why pigeons are known to be the symbol of peace also comes down to biblical context. 

In the book of Genesis when The Flood happened, Noah used a dove to test when it was clear to leave the ark after the world was drowned in flood. 

Again, both pigeons and doves come from the same family, so their spiritual meanings are quite similar.

Pigeon Spirit Animal Totem

Pigeon Spirit Animal Totem

Those who resonate with a pigeon animal totem are both loving and kind since pigeons generally represent love as well. 

They have empathy even for the problems of others and can grasp life as it is. 

They are also able to commit and dedicate themselves to the people they love as well as their goals and responsibilities since pigeons represent sacrifice. 

They’re able to go out of their way to make others happy, even if it’s at the expense of their own comfort and satisfaction. 

If you resonate with this spirit animal totem, you also resonate with balance and harmony. 

Since pigeons are commonly known for representing peace, you try to find the balance in everything. 

Even in conflict and chaos, you try to find the middle ground and silver lining in every situation. 

Another aspect you are if you resonate with this spirit animal totem is the importance of family and home. 

Home is a feeling to you and as long as you’re surrounded by the people you love most, you’re content in life. 

Pigeon Feather Meaning

Pigeon Feather

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when trying to decipher pigeon spiritual meanings. 

Most often, it has a positive meaning when you come across pigeon feathers on the ground or within your path. 

It’s a sign of good luck or even a blessing since they’re seen in homes that practice rituals involving these feathers. 

The meaning behind pigeon feathers also depends on the culture and ethnicity practicing them. 

For instance, Native American culture believes pigeon feathers to be of good luck, so it could mean happiness will soon come into your life or you’ll become self-aware very soon in the good sense. 

There are also cultures where seeing features don’t have such a positive meaning such as Japanese culture. 

When you come across a feather in this culture, it’s believed to represent unrequited love, so it’s not such a great meaning. 

It could also refer to a message from your angels above in some cultures. 

It could be your angels giving you some form of encouragement and positivity to remind you to keep going in your life. 

Pigeon Dream Meaning

Pigeon Dream

You might be thinking that dreams are completely random but if it’s a dream that keeps on recurring, it’s not as random as you might think. 

When you dream of a pigeon, it could symbolize that you’re open to new opportunities. 

Remember that some of the pigeon spiritual meanings refer to transformation and change so if you keep dreaming of pigeons repeatedly, this is no coincidence, but there’s a bigger picture you need to see. 

It could also be telling you to be more optimistic about a particular change about to happen in your career or personal life. 

Maybe you’re going to meet someone new, or maybe a significant career shift is about to happen. 

Whatever occurs, you must prepare yourself for any of those changes. 

Pigeons represent change, so it could also be time to expand your horizons and leave what’s familiar, no matter how scary or uncomfortable that might seem. 

Also, when deciphering what your pigeon dream means, you must take note of what the pigeon was doing. 

If the pigeon was circling around you, the dream tells you to look at the people in your inner circle more attentively. 

There might be something you’re missing. 

If the pigeon was rising above, your spiritual life is gradually improving or about to get to that point. 

If you dream of a black pigeon, there’s sadness or conflict because of miscommunication in your relationship. 

Pigeon Tattoo Meaning

Pigeon Tattoo

Tattoos have a variety of meanings, and this isn’t limited to pigeons. 

Similar to the other pigeon spiritual meanings above, a pigeon tattoo could mean innocence, peace, and love. 

People who get pigeons tattooed on their skin believe it as a symbol of fighting evil forces or an atonement for sins. 

Lovers could also opt to get pigeons as a tattoo to symbolize their love and devotion for one another. 

Since pigeons are devoted when they find a mate, this is why the pigeon also represents a firm devotion for someone. 

If this is the case, you could choose to get a tattoo of pigeons kissing or two pigeons on the same branch. 

When people get tattoos of a flying pigeon, it’s often to commemorate the loss of a loved one. 

It represents a deceased soul ascending towards Heaven. 

Lastly, you see those who get tattoos of pigeons on their skin as a sign of freedom and independence. 

It means they value a life where they’re free and are open to any and all possibilities. 

Dead Pigeon Spiritual Meaning

Dead Pigeon

We’ve discussed the pigeon spiritual meanings when it’s living, but what about dead pigeons? 

There are many different interpretations behind a dead pigeon. 

Pigeons generally represent peace, love, and harmony, so one of the meanings of a dead pigeon is that someone close to you will pass away because they’ve been down the wrong path. 

It can also predict an upcoming conflict about to happen with someone or something in your life. 

Pigeons also represent a loving home and family, so coming across a dead pigeon could also mean you’re neglecting the needs of yourself and your family. 

It’s the wake-up call you need to prioritize yourself and them more and fulfill their emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. 

Pigeons are also known as God’s messengers so when you come across dead pigeons, it can refer to the secrets you share with your loved ones. 

This reminds you to be more careful of the secrets you share, as they can affect your relationships and friendships. 

When you find a dead pigeon in the garden, it’s a sign of great transition, and expect good changes to happen in your life. 

When you see a dead pigeon outside your home, it means surface-level challenges are about to occur in your life. 

You don’t have to worry though, as these are mundane setbacks you’ll easily overcome. 

When you see a dead pigeon in the upper areas of your home, such as the attic or balcony, it’s a sign that better days lie ahead and you’re at the end of your struggle.

Pigeon Omen

Pigeon Omen

Several of the superstitions and beliefs around pigeons are inclined towards Christianity. 

A lot of people believe that a solitary pigeon sitting on top of a chimney is a bad omen as it represents death. 

There are also favorable omens where releasing pigeons after a funeral are now free to ascend into the afterlife or Heaven. 

There are also hilarious omens where if they poop on you, it’s recognized as good luck. 

It might sound ridiculous, but some firmly believe in this superstition. 

While there are certainly negative omens believed about pigeons, such as some of the already mentioned above, most of the beliefs and omens are believed to be good. 

After all, pigeons are known to represent peace, love, fertility, prosperity, good luck, and transformation – among other things. 

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this article on pigeon spiritual meanings. If you want to know more about the spiritual meaning of animals you can here.

10 Key Pigeon Spiritual Meanings [Symbolism, Dreams & More]10 Key Pigeon Spiritual Meanings [Symbolism, Dreams & More]

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