Answered: Is It Possible To Manifest Health For Someone Else?

by Alan Young

We can use the Law of Attraction to attract greater abundance into our own lives, but can we also use it to improve the lives of others? 

In particular, can we use the Law to manifest good health for someone else such as our loved ones who are ill?

The answer is a qualified yes. 

Although it might appear to be a simple process at first glance, manifesting good health for someone else is a delicate and potentially fraught matter. 

That’s not to say it can’t be done. 

It can – but it is a sensitive situation where all those involved need to tread extremely carefully.

Before going any further, it’s worth remembering that there are many other ways that we can help loved ones who are ill. 

Prayer, sending love and light, and even the simple action of lending an ear can all be hugely beneficial for a person’s health.

It is natural for us to reach out to loved ones when they are ill and need our support. 

If you want to use the Law of Attraction to help them get better, first you need to understand how the Law works. 

You also need to be aware of the sensitivities involved when using it for someone else. 

Perhaps most important of all, there needs to be synergy between the person’s situation and your wish. 

Manifesting good health for another person means that you may be impinging and imposing on their own free will, potentially making it a moral issue. 

But let’s start by looking at how the Law of Attraction works.

Understanding The Principle Of Like Attracts Like

Principle of like attracts like

The central premise of the Law of Attraction is very simple: like attracts like

The idea is that by sending out positive thoughts and vibrations to the world around us, we naturally attract back more of the same. 

The opposite is also true: negativity attracts negativity.

The Law of Attraction works by putting us into contact with the universal consciousness, by which and through which we are connected to everyone and everything else in the Universe. 

When we tap into this universal source of energy, amazing things can happen.

We can use the Law of Attraction to help manifest whatever we want in our lives: a new job, more money, better health, a new relationship, a house move, and so on. 

To make it work, you visualize or make real your aspirations by using your thoughts, affirmations, a vision board, or a technique called scripting, whereby you systematically and regularly write down your dreams and desires.

When using the Law, it is important to choose your words and thoughts carefully. 

For example, you might say “I want more money” but then feel unhappy when you subsequently inherit a lump sum through the death of a loved one. 

You should always be specific in your goals, use positive words, and express your wishes in the present tense as if they already exist.

The First Step In Manifesting Heath For Someone Else: Always Ask Permission

Asking permission to manifest health for someone else

We can never be 100% sure what another person is thinking or exactly what it is they want. We may think we know, but we can never be absolutely certain. 

So if you wish to ask the Universe to manifest health for another person, you should always ask their permission first. Make sure you do so gently, considerately, and thoughtfully. 

If the other person doesn’t know about the Law of Attraction, explain to them how it works. 

And don’t be offended or take things personally if they decline your offer.

Most people will respond in the positive. 

Everyone will appreciate the fact that you had the courtesy to ask. 

But there will always be a small percentage who do not believe in the Law of attraction and manifesting health for someone else, and you must absolutely respect their opinion. 

Besides, if they are not a believer, any actions on your part will be in vain!

In addition, from a karmic perspective, it can be counterproductive and unwise to send out a vibration that a person does not want. 

You risk that vibration bouncing straight back to you and causing imbalance and disruption in your life. 

Worse, the whole process may actually make your intended recipient feel worse too. So tread carefully and always ask for permission.

There may be some cases where the person cannot give permission: a young baby, for example, or someone in a coma. 

In such cases, ask the Universe or Divine Source for guidance, and trust the answer and your intuition.

Assuming that you have permission, the next step is to ask the person what they want. 

Their aspirations may be quite different from yours. 

The Universe will respond best to what the intended recipient wants, rather than what you think they want!

When Manifesting Health For Someone Else, Be Careful What You Wish For

Another reason to proceed with caution is that your wish may have unintended or inadvertent consequences

Imagine that someone has a tumor, and you use the Law to visualize it disappearing. 

You may well be successful. But there is a risk associated with your actions.

By addressing one symptom in isolation, you may have just shifted the problem to another area. 

Whatever was causing the tumor in the first place may now trigger even worse symptoms in another part of the body.

So choose your words carefully. The aspiration “I wish Jo’s Tumour would disappear” is nowhere near as helpful and positive as “Jo makes a speedy recovery from illness and lives in happiness and health.”

It’s also important to recognize that the Law of Attraction can sometimes be a destructive and unwelcome force. 

Let’s say you are very concerned about a loved one, fretting about their health and worrying about what will happen if they pass away.

You may unwittingly be passing on all that bad energy and negativity to them.

Keeping positive and staying strong can be impossibly hard at times, but it is vital that you try your best to do so. 

Otherwise, there is a chance that your negativity will attract more of the same. 

When Manifesting Good Health For Someone Else, The Universe Knows Best

Showing someone manifesting good health for someone else

In order to successfully manifest good health for another person, there are several other important conditions that need to be fulfilled.

One such factor is that there must be synergy between the person’s situation (their illness) and your desire (good health for them). 

If that correlation is not there, the Law will not work, no matter how hard you try. The other person has to want to heal, and believe that they can heal. 

They must also believe that the Law of Attraction can help them. And the Universe has to agree that it is the time for that person to heal.

Sometimes an illness is a sign. Lung cancer tells you that you need to give up smoking. A heart attack is an indication that you need to lose weight or stop working so hard. 

We can offer advice to people in situations like this, but in the end, it is their decision

Only they and themselves alone can heed the warnings and make the necessary changes.

Through their illness, the Universe may be telling us that this stage of a person’s physical existence on this earth is coming to an end

Put simply, it may be their time, and their fate cannot be changed or influenced.    

If you believe in a mortal body and an eternal soul, then take comfort from the fact that a person’s spirit never dies: it simply changes form, and exists in a different dimension. 

Wise people know that death is never an end: it represents the start of a new beginning or the next chapter in a person’s spiritual existence, development, and journey.     

Kindred Spirits Can Work Together

Thus far, we have focused on the potential pitfalls or unintended consequences of manifesting good health for someone else. 

There is, however, one scenario where it is perfectly acceptable to use the Law of Attraction for this goal: namely when the intended recipient is a kindred spirit.

Helping someone who understands the Law – or indeed who is already using it – means you can work together to redouble the positive vibrations. 

In this case, your and their intentions are perfectly aligned, and there is no danger of crossed wires or mixed messages.

To Manifest Health For Others You Need To Heal With Good Intention

Manifesting health for others with good intentions

If you are sending someone healing energy, do so with good intention

When you are channeling healing, remember to remain humble at all times and to express gratitude to the Divine.

The purest healers know that, ironically, they are not the ones doing the healing. Rather, what they have is a rare and precious gift to facilitate healing. 

They act as a conduit to channel universal healing energy to people who need it. 

They then guide people on how to use that energy in conjunction with their own body’s wondrous powers to self-heal.

You Can Also Help In Other Ways

As mentioned in the introduction, there are many other ways we can help loved ones when they are ill. 

Prayer is one such example. 

Since the beginning of time, human beings have asked the Divine for help and inspiration, and the same is true today.  Many prayers have been answered.

The kind action of sending love and light is also very comforting to people who are ill. 

The idea that they are in your thoughts, and that you love them enough to send them positive vibrations, is of great comfort.

Never underestimate the power of talking things through. 

Talking can reassure people, allow them to forget their illness for a while, remind them that they are loved, and even make them laugh and feel happy. 

And being there, simply holding a hand, and offering quiet words of comfort, is one of the most powerful forms of healing that exists.

Miracles Do Happen

Miracles are nothing new. There are examples of situations that looked irredeemable everywhere in the world, but which turned around. 

Perhaps you too can make a miracle happen, by manifesting good health for someone else with the Law of Attraction. 

Just be sure to heed the advice and to take care if you do!

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