6 Herbs For Protection [& The Best Ways To Use Them]

by Alan Young

Herbs are an aspect of the powerful and diverse plant kingdom that we most commonly acknowledge for culinary, aromatic, or medicinal uses.

When we expand our awareness to explore a little deeper it is known that herbs also have spiritual, magical, or subtle energetic presence, properties, and applications.

In these ways, herbs can assist us with our need for protection on various levels of experience including our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects of being. 

This article will delve into the energetics and application of 6 herbs for protection.

We will study the physical and energetic profiles of these herbs and learn about some of the effective ways that they can be used for protection. 

A deeper understanding of herbs

A tray full of herbs for protection

When we study the use of herbs for protection we can find that the high regard of the plant kingdom (as something that exists and can assist us with beyond just the physical realm) traces back to the ancient knowledge systems of our ancestors spread across the globe.

When we look at a variety of indigenous shamanic traditions these are some of the clearest examples of the powerful potential of an intimate relationship with the plants of our planet.

We also come across concepts such as plant devas, faeries, and elementals that describe the deeper consciousness or personalities of various herbs. 

We can study energetic herbalism to learn the physical actions that the herbs evoke so as to gain more understanding of the plants uses and energy.

Another aspect that we can choose to reconnect with is our intuitive nature and personal relationship with plants; a combination of dedicated open-minded study and genuine open-hearted intuitive exposure and practice with herbs.

Exploring plants in these many ways reactivate a deeper connection with the plant kingdom allowing you direct access to a wealth of support and knowledge including the protective benefits of plants in a variety of aspects.

6 Herbs For Protection

Different herbs for protection

Within this section, we will discuss 6 amazing herbs for protection.

We have chosen to discuss these herbs because of their amazing protective properties and wide availability.

Each herb heading highlights some of the key protective features but as you read on to the detailed descriptions you will see how each of these herbs has a variety of protective functions that often work in a parallel or intertwined manner.

The energetic and emotional protective functions interlink with physical protective functions and vice versa.

And so, let us learn about these herbs for protection:

1. Rosemary: To protect your home, body and memory

Rosemary is a well-known hardy, culinary, medicinal, and magical herb with a very distinct aromatic profile and energy.

This herb has been highly regarded as a powerful plant ally for its many amazing uses including its protective presence for spaces that surround it, the health of the physical body, the energy body, the mind, and emotions.

Rosemary serves as a protective presence to home spaces near where it is intentionally planted or placed.

The spirit of this plant is felt to repel negative or harmful energies by radiating a strong energy space of vitality, clarity, and grounding.

Rosemary can also be burned to clear, purify or create a protected home space or ritual space.

Studies have shown how this herb for protection can also aid in brain health allowing for greater cognition and memory.

Rosemary has strong antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory applications allowing this herb to be used accordingly to protect the immune system and many other elements of your physical health.

2. Sage: To protect your energy space

Sage is a really popular herb that is probably one of the first herbs that people associate with protection and most commonly with the practice of smudging for spiritual protection and cleansing. 

Sage also has many protective properties for your physical health; it is a herb that is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which can protect you from many harmful diseases.

Studies have shown that sage is rich in compounds that activate our brain receptors related to mood elevation, pain alleviation, and stress reduction.

These effects can all contribute to protecting your mind, body, and spirit. 

Sage is used as a ritual tool for burning or smudging in a variety of cultures; most notably with Native American origins.

This ritual practice has become quite widely appropriated by modern new age spirituality for its beneficial effects but the most commonly used white sage is over-harvested from the wild often in a way that is damaging to these sacred protector plants.

As we make use of nature’s protective qualities we should also protect her wherever we can.

We must always be conscious of the source of our herbs, trying where possible to grow our own sage or research and find your local varieties of sage that are safe for use (there are actually many species of this protective herb).

It is also worth noting that this is a potent plant that only needs to be used in small quantities and will be fully effective. 

3. Lavender: To protect you from stress and anxiety 

Lavender being used a herb for protection

Lavender is a distinctly scented herb that is often regarded for its deeply calming properties.

The beautiful tall purple blooms and intricate leaves of this herb can be used in many ways to soothe and relax.

The presence of lavender is nurturing and supportive. A nurturing and supportive energy can help to create an environment that is protected from stress and tension.

In this way, lavender can be used to protect us from stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. 

Lavender as a herb for protection can be effective in calming or holding supportive space for our emotions and expression.

It can also be protective on a physical level as it is great for soothing a variety of skin conditions, injuries and even applicable for pain relief.

4. Chamomile: To protect you from nervousness and anger

Number 4 on this list of herbs for protection is Chamomile. It is a herb that offers us its energy of lightness and gentle, kind inspiration.

The effects of chamomile can include the soothing of emotional tension – this among other effects can make chamomile an effective herb for protection from anger and nervous tensions.

Chamomile is a herb that can be used to balance the solar plexus energy center which can help with developing a healthy level of confidence and conscious power; cultivating these traits can help to protect us from nervousness and emotional instability.

The calming spirit of the chamomile herb is mirrored in its medicinal applications that are anti-inflammatory and calming for the digestive system and the nervous system.

5. Tulsi: To protect your wealth and health

Tulsi also known as holy basil is a helpful herb in protecting your wealth: your wealth including your finances and assets as well as your equally precious physical health.

This herb for protection is revered in the ancient Indian culture widely attributed as the herb of goddess Lakshmi the goddess of abundance.

The energy of holy basil is supportive and nourishing. This can be used as a protective herb protecting your wealth as it upholds the energy of abundance. 

As a herbal medicine holy basil is effective as an adaptogen protecting the body from the harmful effects of stress.

Holy basil is also a protective herb for our immunity as it contains a number of essential vitamins, minerals as well as offers antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

You can also utilize this herb to attract wealth as well as protect your wealth. If you are looking to learn about this herb and more herbs to attract wealth into your life you can read this article on 6 powerful herbs used for attracting money.

6. Yarrow: To protect your aura and skin

Yarrow is a common healing herb that has been utilized medicinally for centuries.

It has a huge variety of uses including treating skin injuries, immune support, improving blood circulation and digestion, and even assisting to reduce the symptoms of mental health issues.

Yarrow can be used as a protective herb against depression and anxiety, this is a herb that can help you on an energetic level to strengthen your boundaries, balance your emotions and keep out the lower vibrational energies of non-beneficial influences.

Yarrow is a great herb to use if you feel like your aura needs some protection or strengthening; this herb is very effective in moving out toxic or stagnant energy on an etheric and physical level.

Yarrow is an amazing protective ally in almost any healing process.

This herb for protection is well known for its skin healing properties and it can be easily identified in wild environments ( with a little plant identification research ) to be used to protect you by stopping bleeding and treating wounds, burns and bites with its antibacterial and fast healing properties.

This herb can also be used within your skincare regime for general skin health, protecting the integrity of your skin.

Yarrow can be used to protect our bodies and our energy fields, offering us a way to stay open and explore the world while still maintaining physical and energetic protection.

How To Use The Herbs For Protection 

Using herbs as protection

Now we will explore the ways that we can use these herbs for protection.

Utilizing the protective properties of a plant or actually, any properties of a plant begin with intentionally choosing to connect with the plant of your choice.

Fostering a deep connection, respect, and gratitude to the herb that you feel most called to work with or the herb that has easily presented itself is the first step.

This will allow you to deeply access and integrate the subtle energetics and medicine of the plant. 

Next, you can choose to include the herb into a variety of practices that allow you to receive exactly what you need from a particular plant: 

Growing protective herbs

A great way to connect with and experience the energy of herbs for protection is by starting to plant and care for them.

The presence of these alive and loved plants will bring their protective energies to the spaces and people around where they are planted

Planting these herbs also will allow you access to your own homegrown quality fresh herbs.

You can also utilize your homegrown herbs in the other practices and preparations mentioned below.

Be sure to conduct some research on the optimal care conditions for your growing herbs so that you and your plant have the opportunity to thrive alongside each other.

Consuming protective herbs

You can choose to ingest any of the herbs mentioned in this article as they are all edible. There are a variety of preparations to choose from including:

  • Using the herbs within your cooking. 
  • Infusing the herbs in oil which you can use for cooking ( or on your skin if the oil is suitable).
  • Making a hot water infusion with the herbs that can be enjoyed as a hot or cool tea ( or even used as a fragrant room or body mist).
  • Chewing on pieces of fresh herb if you enjoy such direct experiences.

Use a protective herb flower essence 

A flower essence is an energetic preparation that is created using fresh flowers/or leaves from your chosen protective herb, intention, clean water and sunlight.

These elements are used to imprint the energy of the plant into the water.

You can create a flower essence yourself (there are many amazing resources online that can guide you through the details of this process ) or you can purchase a flower essence.

You can use these subtle yet impactful flower essences to experience the protective energy of the herbs for protection by anointing your body, your space, or consuming some of the flower essence (recommend herbs only).

Create charms with protective herbs

You can get creative and make a protective charm using the flowers, leaves, stems, or roots of a protective herb.

Combine your plant material in a spell jar that you wear (if it is tiny) or place your jars within the spaces that you seek protection.

You can also create jewelry using dried plant materials of your chosen herb or artworks that you place on your altar or within your home.

You can really have fun with these charms and further enhance the protective energy by combining the protective herb with other protective objects such as crystals, symbols, and written affirmations.

Infuse your bath water with protective herbs

A bath of protective herbs

This is an enjoyable and simple way that will allow you to absorb both the medicinal qualities and energy of your chosen herb for protection.

You can very simply include the fresh or dry herbs into your hot bath water and immerse yourself in the herbal infusion for as long as you like.

This practice is one that you will feel the effects of almost immediately – give it a try!

These are just some of the herbs and some of the ways that you can use the herbs for protection.

There is so much detail and magic that we can access through our connection with the plant world.

Try some of these herbs and practices for yourself and don’t let your research stop here.

Choose to experience the value of the information that you have taken the time to read by putting what you have learned into practice.

Always choose your herbs and practices in the ways that feel right for you; guided and protected by your heart, your mind, your intuition.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed learning about these herbs for protection. Please feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂

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