Herbs For Love: 11 Best Herbs To Attract Love & Romance

by Alan Young

Finding true love is one of the most important goals in almost every person’s life.

If you are looking for a new romantic partner or would like to attract love and romance into your world, herbs can be your magical allies.

There are many different herbs for love that you can use to help with your love life—from helping you find your soul mate to helping ensure faithfulness.

Most of the herbs for love we will be talking about today are easy to find and have been used in love magic throughout the ages.

You might already have quite a few of these romance magnets in your pantry or garden. 

How Herbs For Love Work

We are discovering that herbs and plants can alter your mood and actually have real effects on your body—like aphrodisiacs are rumored to do.

There is actual scientific proof that some herbs, like cinnamon, increase blood flow to the sexual organs, helping with fertility and increasing a person’s sex drive. 

Other herbs, like apples, lavender, and apricots might not have much modern scientific backing proving their power in attracting love and romance.

They’ve been used since the olden times for love spells and rituals.

Many herbs people use to attract love come from folk remedies and cultural traditions. 

You can cook and bake with some of the herbs for romance, like a kitchen witch lacing a cake with herbs to help bring love into her life.

You might put some of the herbs and flowers together in a bouquet, a potpourri, or in your mojo bag to protect your relationship from harmful influences. 

Some of the herbs and spices we’re talking about today will go into your garden or be picked and plucked to release their magical power.

Other herbs for love and romance can be burned as incense or thrown directly into a fire to help start a fire of their own.

When choosing the right herbs for love when looking to spice up your love life, make sure you pick the herb or flower that specifically deals with the issue you are facing.

While some herbs attract a new partner or return a long-lost lover, others help fan the flames of desire or even help with fertility. 

Herbs For Love – The Best Choices


Rose is probably the most popular and well-known plant to use to attract all sorts of love, from close friendship to hot romantic encounters. 

When working with roses, make sure to choose the right color for the outcome you desire. Yellow and orange roses can help you attract a closer friendship or platonic relationship.

White roses signify innocence and chastity and are often used in wedding bouquets.

Use pink roses to attract a flirtatious and light romance or fling.

Red roses are used to attract a deeper, more sensual sort of love.

Using roses in magical spells is easy because they are so versatile!

You can wear rose water or rose essential oil to attract new love to you, use rose petals in the bath or in your magical bag to charm a new lover, or even to improve your own sex drive.

Another common and practical way to use roses for love is to simply grow them in the garden or give them as a gift to your beloved.


Another common flower you can use to attract love into your life is the daisy.

Daisies symbolize innocence and purity and can be carried in your magical sachet to invite love into your life.

Wearing daisies in your hair or even tucked into your lapel are easy ways to magically call a new love interest into your life.

We are probably all familiar with using daisies to find out if a person loves you.

Simply pluck a daisy flower from the ground and pull off petals one by one, alternating between loves me and loves me not.

The last petal left will tell you if the person you are dreaming of actually has feelings for you.

These sweet flowers are very easy to find. Watch out, though!

It’s rumored that the person who finds the first daisy of the year will flirt with everyone around. If you are a big flirt—or want to be one—then go for it!

Pluck the first daisy you see, tuck it into your bra or pocket, and see what happens next.


Speaking of using herbs as a divination tool, you can give your lover a sprig of basil as a sort of test to see if he is being faithful.

According to legend, if the basil stays green and perky, then your lover is true.

But, if the basil wilts, it means your beau is seeing other people on the side. 

Aside from being a love-o-meter of sorts, basil is also used in many different spells as a sweetener or an element that helps soften up the energy around a particular desire or outcome.

Basil can be burned, laced into food, or even used as a dry spice in a potpourri or magical satchel to help attract love and promote faithfulness.


The calming herb lavender has many different uses in love magic.

Folklore says it helps protect women from abusive partners, perhaps by calming their spirits and their words and actions.

It is also used together with rosemary to protect a person’s chastity and fidelity (a.k.a. keep a person from cheating or being aggressively pursued). 

Lavender’s soft fragrance is rumored to be magically appealing to men and is used in a variety of different perfumes, sachets, and love spells. 

In olden times, prostitutes would use lavender to help attract new clients to their services. 

Lavender is easy to find in many different forms, from dried lavender to lavender essential oil. Make sure to use a high-quality form of lavender for your love rituals.

You can dab a drop of lavender essential oil directly on your wrists or run it through your hair to magically attract a new romantic partner into your life.

You can even plant some in your garden so you have an endless supply for your magical sachets and spells of all sorts.


Aside from being used in abundance spells, oranges and orange blossoms can be useful herbs in love spells.

Some people simply mix orange juice into wine to help them find a new romantic partner and to be more optimistic about the choices they have. 

Others bathe in water perfumed with fresh orange flowers or use dried flowers in sachets intended to make them radiantly beautiful so they can bewitch their crush.

Herbs to Help With Fertility

Interestingly enough, many of the herbs that help with fertility are phallic symbols, like cucumbers, carrots, and bananas for male fertility.

Peaches, apples, and figs are also visually similar to voluptuous female bodies or a woman’s womb and are used in spells for love and fertility.


You have to wonder if carrots were originally included in love rituals and spells because of their shape.

The color orange is also related to the sacral chakra, which is associated with sexuality and creation.

In several cultures, both in the past and in current times, women gave their husbands bits of wild carrots and their roots to chew on, which was said to help the men be more lusty and fertile. 

Nowadays, we know that fruits and vegetables containing beta-carotene help create healthier sperm.

Harvard University actually did a study proving this.

Simply eating orange foods, like carrots, oranges, and peaches can increase a man’s sperm count.

And, as mentioned above, oranges are used in love magic and ritual as well.


Peaches are another orange fruit, full of vitamins like beta-carotene and minerals that help a man have a higher sperm count or produce more estrogen and progesterone in a woman who is trying to conceive.

Aside from the nutritional perspective, peaches are associated with a round, full, healthy female form.

This fact might have been a reason peaches were associated with fertility and sexual desire throughout the ages.

You can eat peaches to help attract a new flame into your life, or you can carry peach pits in your mojo bag to help bring love into your life and enhance your fertility.

Herbs To Increase Desire

Hot herbs, like cinnamon and ginger, can help heat up passion for both men and women.

There are also herbs, like Ginkgo Biloba, that increase blood flow and help reduce stress, which can increase sexual appetites in both men and women.


Cinnamon is an herb that is used in a lot of different magical spells, including those geared toward increasing desire and passion.

It is also a well-known—and medically documented—aphrodisiac. 

This spicy brown herb works internally to increase blood flow to all the right places. 

Aside from using this spice as an ingredient in your food, you can also carry a stick of cinnamon with you as an amulet, which is said to bring passion to you.

If you intend to use cinnamon oil on the body, use extreme caution (and a carrier oil, like sweet almond oil) because pure cinnamon can burn your skin. 


Another hot and spicy herb you can use to enhance your love life is ginger. Not only does ginger help a person gain self-confidence and feel more powerful, but it also helps bring in adventure and increases erotic passion for both men and women.

Like cinnamon, you can put a little ginger in your food and in your mojo bag to help stir your passions and increase your libido.

You can also use it as an amulet when you are working on bringing more passion into your life. 

It is said that combining ginger with other passion-promoting herbs will help strengthen the mix.

Try using it with different herbs until you find a mix that addresses your specific needs and works for you.

Herbs To Mend A Broken Heart 

As you probably know, broken hearts are just a part of life.

Even though they are common, it doesn’t mean they don’t hurt.

If you or a friend are experiencing a broken heart, you can try working with one of these herbs for love to ease the pain and get you back on your journey to find love again.


Amaranth is an ancient grain and herb that has recently come back in style.

Many witches and folklorists use it in spells designed to mend broken hearts. 

If you are feeling down because of love, simply place some of the dried red flowers, often called “Love Lies Bleeding” flowers, in your mojo bag and keep it with you until you feel better. 

Balm of Gilead

The Balm of Gilead is made from the buds of cottonwood trees that are found in the springtime.

This ancient herb is known for its ability to soothe all sorts of pain, from arthritis to a broken heart. 

These buds can also work on an energetic level to help heal and open up the heart chakra.

If you’re in the mood, you can also sit next to the cottonwood tree and share your pain with it. Trees can be very helpful in helping humans heal.

Balm of Gilead buds can be added to your mojo bag or even kept in a sachet or pocket close to your heart during the day, then under your pillow at night, to help ease your broken heart.

Herbs For Love Summary

Herbs and flowers can help with a variety of issues related to love.

Different herbs and fruits have been used through the ages for everything from attracting a kind, gentle, passionate love to healing heartache, and everything in between.

Many of these herbs for love, and remedies have been studied for their real effects on the body, while others have been used in magical traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

If you are looking for a romantic partner or for ways to increase passion in your life, why not try using the herbs for love and romance listed in this article? 

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