Dream Of Losing Teeth: 11 Surprising Spiritual Meanings

by Alan Young

The dream of losing teeth is a scary, vivid dream that, according to newest dreams researchers, over 39% of the population has or had at least once in their lifetime, in different forms: rotten teeth, broken teeth, crooked, falling, pulling out, etc.

The dream of losing teeth is not some new dream of our century or even millennium, but a dream that has been visiting the people’s sleep since the dawns of Christianity.

In this article, I invite you to make an intriguing journey in the realm of lost teeth dreams and discover eleven surprising spiritual meanings this terrifying dream carries.

The Dream Of Losing Teeth

a dream of losing teeth

The oldest known book about dreams interpretations is the Oneirocritica – a dreams interpretations treaty in five books, written in the second century by the professional diviner and dreams interpreter, Altemidorus Daldianus.

Altemidorus considered that the dreamer’s mouth represents the dreamer’s home, and the teeth, its inhabitants, thus, the dreamer’s family:

The teeth on the superior jaw represent the past generations (parents), and the teeth on the inferior jaw represent the future generations (the offspring).

So, according to Altemidorus, when one dreams of losing teeth, dreams his family: if a superior tooth is lost, it foretells the death of the mother, father, or other ascendants; if an inferior tooth is lost, it predicts the birth of a child.

Now, there is no need to get all spooked and cryptical.

Although some cultures still believe the dream of losing teeth foretells parental death, Altemidorus’s interpretations are based on an ancient belief that people were plants.

The Greek story speaks of Cadmos, who, to build Teba, had to slay a ground dragon, break its teeth with his sword, and plant those teeth in the ground.

First people came from those teeth, seemingly human seeds, and they were ancestors of noble families, called “spartans”, which means “seeded people”.

Altemidorus’s interpretations about the dream of losing teeth doesn’t seem plausible nowadays when we are sure of our origin, and it is not plant-based nor dragon-teeth-based. [Tobie Nathan – Secrets of Dreams]

So, let’s fast forward to our time and search for the more accurate interpretations of the dream of losing teeth, adapted to our time, circumstances, knowledge, and discoverings in the domain of dreams.

Losing One Tooth Dream Spiritual Meaning

Losing one tooth in a dream

One Loose Tooth, One Conflict

If you dream about losing one loose tooth, especially if the dream is repetitive, according to the dreams expert Laurie Loewenberg, you should be paying attention to the general thought/ emotion you were feeling during dreaming.

That feeling of something of yours (the loose tooth) that can’t stand in there anymore, and you keep on checking it, it worries you, and, finally, it falls, could signify a conflict that must end or at least be spoken.

Like the tooth in your dream couldn’t resist anymore, only a thin vein barely held it, this conflict you barely hold anymore must come out, no matter how difficult or painful it is to do it.

One Tooth Out, One Problem Less

If you dream that you have something stuck between your teeth and you try to pick it, according to Laurie Loewenberg, the symbolistic you should be paying attention to is the idea of something stuck between your teeth and something coming out of your mouth.

In interpreting such a dream, the expert says it’s essential to know what is stuck between your teeth. 

For example, if it’s something gummy, it could signify something that you consider a sticky situation that you feel you do not know how to manage or get out of.

Regardless of what sticky situation might represent what’s stuck between your teeth, losing a tooth while cleaning that left-over could signify the overcoming of a communication problem:

You intended to clean something into your mouth, and something actually came out of your mouth.

So, know that if you dream that something is stuck between your teeth and when you try to clean it, a tooth falls, you should be paying attention to the “sticky” situations in your life, those created mainly by miscommunication.

Losing Multiple Teeth Dream Spiritual Meaning

Losing multiple teeth in a dream

Dental Care Warning

First things, first: considering that most people have a fear of dental cabinet along with the natural fear of losing teeth (symbol of beauty, health, power), the dream of losing teeth is most likely to occur when something is not ok with your teeth.

It could be a worry that you do not take good care of your teeth lately, a tooth that hurts, a tooth that broke, even a (routine) appointment to the dentist, etc.

In any case, if you’re having the dream of losing teeth, especially repeatedly, the first thing you should check is, literally, your mouth or your concerns related to it and its health.

Physical Health Warning

Going on the same idea as in the previous interpretation, if your self-care habits have been altered lately, you do not feed yourself very well, you do not sleep, don’t exercise, etc, it is very likely to start having the dream of losing your teeth.

Of course, for a better interpretation of the dream of losing teeth, you must consider all other aspects of the dream: details of the dreams could be clues about what part of yourself you have neglected, to what you must pay more attention to, and so on.

So, if your dental health is at its best and you still have the (probably recurring) dream of losing teeth, the next thing you should be looking at when interpreting this dream is your general state of health.

Therefore, two of the interpretations of the dream of losing teeth might be the warning that you don’t take good care of yourself (your dental health or your physical health, in general).

Symbol of loss

Loss as a meaning of losing a tooth in a dream

If we consider the main symbol of the dream of losing teeth, the loss itself, again, depending on the dreamer’s life circumstances and other details of the dream, dream interpreters say that the dream could be related to the loss of something.

It could be the loss of a loved one, as Altemidorus was interpreting, but it could also be the loss of a job, a friendship or marriage, the loss of a place or house, etc.

Pay attention to the possible clues given by the dream, though, as, considering the importance of teeth, your present life circumstances, and the emotion you experienced during the dream of losing teeth, it could also signify (a fear of) losing control (over a life situation).

Of course, in other darker cases, the dream of losing teeth could symbolize your loss of motivation or, worse, loss of the desire of living, which leads us to the next possible meaning of the dream of losing teeth.

Mental-Emotional Imbalance

It is known that our subconscious will alarm itself and us when something is off, and the dream of losing teeth could be related to a period of mental and or emotional imbalance. 

If you are passing through depression, manifested through medium-to-long periods of profound sadness, hopelessness, loneliness, low self-esteem, guilt, etc., it’s very likely to dream of losing your teeth.

Almost as scary as depression, and signified by the dream of losing teeth, could be the anxiety, a longer-term state of worrying and insecurity, accompanied by teeth grinding during sleep, thus the dream.

If things are not so dark in your life and yet, you dream of losing your teeth, it could be a simple, ordinary situation of stress.

Regardless of the source of the stress (family, friends, work, etc.), excessive amounts of cortisol (stress hormone) could affect your subconscious leading to the dream of losing teeth.

Dream interpreters say that such states of mind could influence your perception of your physical well-being, thus the nature of the dream.

Consider asking for help if you keep losing your teeth in your dreams and feel you might pass through depressive episodes, experience anxiety, or be the victim of stress. 

The Dream Of Change

According to dreams interpreters, the dream of losing teeth could also occur in a period of your life when you are about to make a significant change.

I know you might say there isn’t much connection between change and the dream of losing teeth, but if we analyze from the perspective of letting go of something that doesn’t serve you anymore, you see how the dream of losing teeth and the loss of that something are related.

Whether it is a change in the spiritual plane, like the ascension to a higher level of consciousness, letting something (or someone) go, or a change in the material realm, like a new job, new location, marriage, child, the dream of losing teeth could indicate this coming change.

Fear Of Getting Old

Another interpretation given by dreams interpreters to the dream of losing teeth is related to aging, which has, naturally, the effect of losing teeth.

One reason could be related to the fact that people tend to give more time and attention to their teeth as they grow older.

On the other hand, if your birthday is coming soon and you over-think the passing of years, it is very likely to start dreaming of losing teeth.

That happens because teeth are associated with the way we look in the present moment and strongly related to our projections in the future, thus aging.

Teeth Falling Out With Blood Dream

Teeth falling out in dream with blood

The dream of teeth falling out with blood has a double meaning, says the dreams interpreters, depending on the type of the event and emotions the dreamer was experiencing during dreaming.

If the one who dreams of his teeth falling out with blood has positive feelings during the dream, the event is something natural (like in the case of toddlers who naturally change their teeth), the dream signifies a strong character.

If the event of teeth falling out with blood is perceived as unnatural by the dreamer and experiences negative emotions during dreaming, in this case, the dream symbolizes something that needs to be fixed, corrected. 

If you find yourself in the second scenario, for a more accurate interpretation, do your best to remember as many details as possible from the dream, as they might be clues about what aspects you need to fix or correct.

The Dream Of Someone Else Losing Teeth

The dream of someone else losing their teeth could have a wide(r) variety of interpretations, again, depending on the dreamer’s emotions during the dream and, in some cases, life circumstances.

If you watch the other person losing their teeth in your dream and you feel terror, shock, or any other similar feeling, your subconscious is most likely signaling you to stay away from that person in the material realm.

On the other hand, if you approach the person losing their teeth in your dream with care and kindness, especially if it is someone close to you, the dream signifies that person’s need for your help and support.

In the dream of someone else losing their teeth, especially if you can not see the face of the other in your dream, it could represent your feeling of inability to control something important in your life at the moment.[1]

Dream Of Teeth Falling Out Biblical Meaning

Biblical meaning of teeth falling out in a dream

According to Crossing the Jordan Ministries, dreaming of teeth falling out is a message from Divinity regarding an issue in your ability to learn, understand, and discern things.

The canine teeth symbolize the ability to understand, so the dream of losing a canine tooth translates as an inability of the dreamer to recognize and watch with spiritual eyes the critical matters of life.

Wisdom teeth symbolize the ability to act with wisdom, and if you dream of losing your wisdom teeth is a sign that you have been acting ignoring the divine wisdom.

In this case, the dreamer is advised to turn towards Divinity and ask for Divine guidance to correct their path.

Dream Of Losing Teeth Conclusion

The dream of losing teeth is usually related to fear, but it can have various interpretations.

For a more accurate interpretation, the dreamer (or the interpreter) should take into account all and as many details as possible: the dreamer’s life circumstances, the dreamer’s physical and mental state, recent events, future plans, traumas, fears, even the situation of other people, close to the dreamer. 

Dream Of Losing Teeth: 11 Surprising Spiritual MeaningsDream Of Losing Teeth: 11 Surprising Spiritual Meanings

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