6 Amazing Dolphin Spiritual Meanings [Dreams, Totems & More]

by Alan Young

The dolphin is an amazing animal and one that is symbolic of balance and harmony.

This amazing mammal is highly intelligent and has great instincts.

One could say that the main dolphin spiritual meaning is to remind us that we need to have love, laughter, and happiness in our lives.

Those who identify with dolphins tend to be gentle souls.

They also have a lot of inner strength and compassion towards others.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the amazing dolphin spiritual meanings, and what they could mean for you.

We will also talk about other aspects of the dolphin as a spirit animal, including dreams and totems.

Let’s get started.

Dolphin Spiritual Meaning

Dolphin Spiritual Meaning

Let’s begin by talking about the main dolphin spiritual meanings.

There are many spiritual meanings for the dolphin, and some or even all of them will apply directly to you.

The dolphin is often seen as a symbol of protection.

It is also symbolic of resurrection.

Keep reading to learn more about what the dolphin means for you.

1. Peace and Harmony

Dolphins are animals that hold true to their nature, and they display a very high level of intelligence.

This is an animal that knows to trust its instincts.

It isn’t about overthinking. It is just going to “do”, according to what it already knows through its powerful instincts.

Dolphins are peaceful animals that love to play with other animals and even humans.

They have a gentle nature, but they can be protective when necessary.

The dolphin is a reminder for us to live a peaceful life, to seek out the good in others and ourselves, and to enjoy life to the fullest.

2. Protect and Help Others

a spiritual meaning of a dolphin

For centuries, sailors have seen the dolphin as a good omen.

Dolphins are helpful creatures and have even saved humans from drowning.

They have also been known to chase off sharks in order to protect humans.

They have come to be known as protectors of all who are in the ocean.

There is a definite lesson that can be learned from the dolphin.

This lesson is that we need to not only be protective of ourselves and our loved ones but to also protect all who need it.

If you relate to the dolphin, chances are you are a very empathetic person.

You are protective of those you love, and you will do whatever it takes to help others.

3. Never Forget to Have Fun

While there are many things we need to take very seriously, we must never forget that life isn’t just about seriousness and worry.

We also need to have fun and be happy.

The dolphin is a very playful animal, and if you look closely, you will see that this animal always looks happy.

It has a natural smile that never goes away.

The dolphin reminds us to not take life so seriously.

We need to keep our sense of humor and take time to stop and smell the roses.

There is a time for work and a time for play.

The dolphin is a symbol of the play, and it tells you to indulge your inner child so you can truly see the beauty in this world.

4. A Symbol of Resurrection

Dolphin symbilism

Did you know that the dolphin has long been a symbol of resurrection?

In ancient Greece, it was thought that dolphins would carry souls to their afterlife.

The dolphin has often seen in artwork as a creature that carries souls to heaven so they can be reborn.

This is particularly true in Christian artwork.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that if you see a dolphin that you are about to die and be carried off to heaven.

Quite the contrary, actually.

The dolphin could be a sign that you have recently experienced, or are about to experience a rebirth of sorts.

This could be spiritual or personal.

5. Embrace Your Inner Strength

Have you ever watched documentaries about dolphins, and saw them attacking sharks, which can be extremely violent predators?

The dolphin has no fear, and it isn’t going to back down from a fight.

In the wild, the dolphin is particularly strong.

When threatened by larger animals, including whales and sharks, they will stay and fight rather than swim away.

The dolphin is symbolic of self-confidence, and it can also represent moral convictions.

We should all strive to be more like the dolphin.

The dolphin is a reminder that we need to stand up for ourselves when we know we are on the right path.

Never back down from anyone, and always let your true inner self shine through.

6. Help Others without Sacrificing Your Own Needs

Number 6 of the dolphin spiritual meanings is helping others without sacrificing your own needs.

Some of us have a huge problem, and that is we want to help others so much that we don’t take time to help ourselves.

There needs to be a balance between helping others without sacrificing our own needs in the process.

Dolphins are social animals, and they live in groups.

The adults work hard to feed and protect the young, the elderly, and the injured.

These animals are selfless and are able to cooperate better than most people can.

This is something the rest of us can aspire to.

But, keep in mind that the dolphin also protects itself.

Yes, it will protect other dolphins, as well as humans and other animals.

But it won’t sacrifice its own life, just as we should not.

Dolphin Spirit Animal Totem

Dolphin spirit animal totem

If you were born with a dolphin totem, you are probably someone who really likes to have fun and enjoy life.

You are a very happy person, and your happiness often rubs off on others.

You have a heart as big as the moon, and you will do whatever it takes to protect your loved ones.

You have a heart as big as that of a dolphin, and you know that it takes a village.

We are stronger together than alone.

The dolphin totem is symbolic of someone who is self-confident, and who is comfortable in their environment.

You are among the first to offer assistance when it is needed, and you are filled with empathy for others.

Your world vision encompasses the whole world.

You don’t see people as being from other cultures and races.

You just see people, and you love them for who they are.

Like the dolphin, you have no interest in being bound by religion.

You are always focused on the bigger picture, which includes all human beings and animals.

Dolphin Symbolism in Different Cultures & Folklore

Dolphins in folklore

Throughout the centuries, dolphins have played a huge role in many cultures and their folklore.

You will find plenty of myths and legends about dolphins in cultures all over the globe.

Humankind has always been fascinated with creatures of the sea, particularly the friendly and playful dolphin.

Perhaps it is this fascination that has inspired so many myths and legends.

Or, maybe it is simply because the dolphin is such an incredible creature that it is the stuff legends are made of in the first place.

Let’s look at dolphin symbolism in different cultures and folklore.

Dolphins Loom Large for Native Americans

For Native American tribes that live near the ocean, the dolphin plays a large role in myths and legends.

For instance, West Coast tribal legends show the dolphin as once being human.

The human was transformed into a dolphin, to act as a protector of the tribe.

They were more than willing to give up their own life in order to do what was best for their community.

Other tribes believed that dolphins save the lives of those who were drowning or who had fallen overboard from boats.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, dolphins are often symbolic of resurrection.

They are also symbols of rebirth and reincarnation, particularly in Native American lore.

Dolphins were also considered to be guardians to those who traveled by sea.

In fact, eating dolphin meat was forbidden by many tribes.

But, some tribes believed that dolphins sacrificed themselves in order to feed humans.

They would be allowed to eat dolphin meat for survival.

To thank the dolphin for sacrificing itself to feed them, they would have dolphin dances.

South American Tribes also Revere Dolphins

Pink Dolphin

In South America, many native people revere the pink dolphin, also known as the Boto.

They admire and fear this type of dolphin.

In some indigenous tribes, it is thought that dolphins are magicians or tricksters, and even shapeshifters.

There are many South American tribal myths and legends that feature dolphins.

They are often connected with the origins of the world. The goddess Ina in Brazil adopts the dolphin form.

In addition to being a symbol of protection, the dolphin is also seen as a spiritual being, representative of our own spirituality.

Dolphins in Celtic Culture

The dolphin spiritual meaning in Celtic lore sees the dolphin as a guardian of the water and all of the creatures that live in the oceans.

It is also seen as a new beginning or resurrection.

The Irish have long been known as seafaring peoples, and the dolphin was a symbol of protection while at sea.

It is also symbolic of friendship, watching over others while they are traveling by sea.

The Celts also believed that the dolphin was a symbol of magic and the spirit world.

While they were mainly seen as guides, they were also known to be tricksters due to their playful nature.

In Ireland today, coastal waters are considered to be a safe place for dolphins.

There are many “famous” dolphins that have brought tourists from all over the world to see them.

The song of the dolphin is also quite symbolic, representing communication.

We, like the dolphin, can communicate what we need to others.

African Symbolism and Dolphins

Dolphins symbolism in Africa

The dolphin is a very symbolic creature in African culture.

For example, the Zulu people, there was a mysterious race that helped to populate the world.

These creatures then went into the sea and were turned into dolphins.

The dolphin was then seen as a symbol of protection and guidance.

There are many ways that the dolphin is symbolic in Africa.

They are thought to be humankind’s original instructors, and they helped humans understand their own intelligence and creativity.

There are many who believe that the dolphin would go with the souls of the dead to lead them to their final resting place.

This place is referred to as the Island of the Blessed.

African legends also refer to dolphins being protective of humans at sea.

One myth is about pirates who jumped ship after being hijacked.

They were turned into dolphins as a means of protection.

Dolphins are Highly Regarded by Christians

Dolphins are often thought to be “Christlike”, and those who embody the energy of the dolphin are thought to be gentle, caring, protective, and loving souls.

The candelabra at St. Peter’s Church has dolphin symbols.

This may be due to the fact that some people believe the dolphin is much like Christ, helping souls journey into the afterlife, just as Christ does.

In Christianity, dolphins are a symbol of rebirth and resurrection.

They are also symbolic of reincarnation, vitality, and purity.

In the story of St. Martin, the Saint was tempted by a woman.

In order to avoid the temptation, he dove into the ocean. A dolphin carried him away to a far-off island.

Dolphin Dream Meaning

Dolphin in dream

Do you find yourself dreaming about dolphins?

If so, there could be several dolphin spiritual meanings for this.

For starters, dolphins are symbolic of intelligence and playfulness.

You may be connecting with your inner child.

Dolphins often symbolize connection, seeing as how they are so sociable.

If you see a dolphin in your dreams, it could be because you are going to soon find yourself in a social gathering of some sort.

A dolphin in your dreams could also mean that you are going to better connect with someone you love, perhaps a significant other.

When you dreamed about the dolphin, was the water clear or murky?

If it was clean, it could mean socializing and relationships.

If it was murky, it could mean that you are having difficulties with someone.

Dolphin Tattoo Meaning

Dolphin tattoos can take on many meanings.

For instance, if you have a dolphin tattoo, it could be because you love the water and feel naturally drawn to the sea.

It could also mean that you not only are highly intelligent but also highly compassionate.

Often those who are very intuitive are drawn to the dolphin.

A dolphin never sleeps, and they see everything that is going on around them.

Your dolphin tattoo may symbolize the need for balance and harmony in your life.

Dolphin tattoos also represent love and romance.

The dolphin is loyal and playful and has proven that the power of love conquers all.

Prophetic Meaning of Dolphin

Dolphin swimming

There is a prophetic meaning of dolphins, and that is it is a reminder that we need to stay connected to the inner child.

The dolphin is a symbol of unconditional love, which is the love that all children have for others.

We need to protect others, while still being able to remain friendly and enjoy our playful sides.

We need to let our hair and our guards down once in a while.

The dolphin is also symbolic of communication, and being able to advance to the supernatural.

Dolphins are thought to be quite mystical, and the dolphin spiritual meaning often is about being able to ascend to a higher state of being.

The dolphin is a reminder that we need to always be recreating ourselves, and never to take our lives too seriously.

It is a playful creature, and we can learn from its joy.

The dolphin is also a sign of good luck.

Actually, it is a sign that we need to go out and create our own luck because no one else is going to do it for us.

Double Dolphin Meaning

Duality, balance, and companionship is what you can take from the symbol of the double dolphin.

These are animals that are highly sociable, and they need to be with their companions, just as we do.

This is part of the dolphin spiritual meaning.

The dolphin can feel the thoughts and emotions of other dolphins, and they are very empathetic creatures.

A double dolphin image is a sign that you have a strong bond with others, and that you have made some strong connections.

Is Seeing a Dolphin a Good Omen?

Dolphin as an omen

In many cultures, dolphins are seen as a sign of good luck.

This could be due to the fact that they were seen as guardians to those at sea.

Often, sailors would look for dolphins.

This is because they knew if they saw dolphins, they were likely very close to land.

The dolphin was important to sailors who spent months at sea and wanted to return to their loved ones.

Since ancient times, sailors and others have seen the dolphin as a good omen.

It is also known as a symbol of protection.


We hope you have enjoyed learning about the dolphin spiritual meanings and other interesting facts about dolphins in many cultures.

If the dolphin is your spirit animal, know that you are an intelligent, playful person who loves fiercely and will go to any lengths to protect those who you love.

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