Angel Number 656: The 5 Big Meanings (Including Twin Flame)

by Alan Young

Are you seeing the number 656 in random places, such as on receipts, clocks, television, etc?

Do you intuitively feel it has importance?

If so, it is likely a sign that your guardian angels or spirit guides are trying to send you a very important message that will have an effect on your life.

Our guardian angels are always with us, even though we can’t see them or communicate with them directly.

When they want to tell us something, they often do it through numbers, which is why we often see numbers repeated over and over again.

Today we are going to take a look at the five vital meanings of angel number 656, along with the twin flame meanings. Let’s get started.

What Does Angel Number 656 Mean?

Angel Number 656

Are you dealing with some problems in your life at the moment?

If so, seeing angel number 656 could mean that your angels are trying to help you to deal with these problems. They are sending you energies to make it easier for you.

There are a few things that this number could mean, and the main message is that your angels want you to know that there is a solution to every problem.

You have all of the tools within you to deal with anything, and the angels are telling you that you are capable of anything.

Let’s take a look at some of the other meanings behind angel number 656.

1. Dream Big

Often, this number is a sign that you are being asked to follow your dreams, and there are no dreams that are too big.

Your desires are valid, and you deserve to have everything in life that you desire. Your angels want you to know that you are worthy of having your dreams come true.

While it may seem like nothing is going to work out in your favor, know that you are actually a lot closer to achieving your dreams than you may think.

Never give up, because your angels are never going to give up on you.

Whatever it is that you want, keep working for it.

Don’t stop working and pushing until you get the results you desire. Also, remember to keep an open mind to any and all opportunities that may come your way.

2. You are Resourceful

You have always been resourceful, and you will do whatever it takes to get any job done, including working towards your goals and dreams.

The angels have been watching you, and want you to know that you are on the right track.

There are always going to be times when you feel like giving up, that you don’t have what it takes to do it all on your own.

But, you are never completely on your own. In fact, seeing angel number 656 could be the angels letting you know that they are always by your side.

Perhaps there is an obstacle in your path. But, because you are so resourceful, you will easily find a way to get around that obstacle. Don’t let anything stop you from realizing your dreams.

3. Work Hard to Achieve Your Goals

Showing a meaning of Angel Number 656

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy in life, and in order to achieve all that you want in life, you must work hard for it.

Your hard work has not gone unnoticed by the angels, and they may be letting you know that you are doing a good job.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can simply sit back and rest on your laurels.

Once you achieve one goal, it’s time to start working on the next one. The harder you work, the more satisfying it will be when you achieve your goals,

Always know that your hard work will never be for nothing.

Everything you do brings you one step closer to what you really want in life, and your angels are going to all they can to help you.

4. Keep a Positive Mindset

One thing you need to keep in mind is that without a positive attitude, you will never get to where you want to be in life.

Seeing angel number 656 could be your angels telling you that you need to be more positive about every aspect of your life.

Sure, there are going to be things that get you down at times. It happens to all of us. But, you have it in you to overcome anything, as long as you don’t let negative thoughts get you down.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be bright and cheery all the time.

No one, not even your angels, expect this of you. But, they do expect you to remain positive, even when it seems like nothing is going right in your life.

5. Be Open and Honest with Your Family

There are many people in your life who want nothing but the best for you, and the most important people are your family members.

It is important that you always be open and honest with them in order to know that they will always be there for you when you need them.

The people you love are the ones who matter the most in your life, and when you are open and honest with them, they will tend to be the same way with you.

Having these family connections are so important, and they are the people who are going to pick you up when you fall.

Your guardian angels want you to work at cultivating these family relationships. There are always going to be times when you need them, and when they need you.

Seeing angel number 656 could be a message telling you that you need to open up to them more.

Angel Number 656 Twin Flame and Love Meanings

Angel Number 656 twin flame love

When it comes to matters of the heart, seeing angel number 656 is a good sign.

In fact, this is a very important number for love, and it is a sign that you either have luck in this area, or that you will soon find the love of your life if you are single.

If you are in a relationship, know that things are going just as they are supposed to, and that you are with the right person.

Your angels have sent you this number to reassure you that this is definitely the person for you.

If you are not in a relationship, don’t despair, because that is going to change in the very near future.

Your angels don’t want you to be alone, and they are working hard to steer you towards love and happiness.

Angel Number 656 Twin Flame Reunion Meaning

We all have a twin flame, that one person who is the mirror image of ourselves, figuratively speaking.

It could be that you have met or even been involved with your twin flame in the past, but you are separated at this time for some reason.

Your angels want you to know that your twin flame is coming back to you in the near future, and you will have a wonderful reunion.

Sometimes twin flames do separate for a time, but this is necessary in order for you to both grow.

Have faith that the universe knows what it is doing, and that there is a divine plan for you in this life. You are being asked to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

You will see results as long as you have faith.

Angel Number 656 Twin Flame Separation Meaning

Angel Number 656 Twin Flame Separation

While we all have a twin flame, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be in our lives at all times. There may be a time when you and your twin flame have separated.

If this is the case, know that seeing angel number 656 is a good sign that this is about to change.

You may feel as though you are completely lost in this world without your twin flame at your side. This is because you are so connected that being apart causes you to feel great pain.

Know that the separation is only temporary, and that when the time is right, this person will once again be a huge part of your life.

It may be that there are certain obstacles in your path that are keeping you from being with your twin flame at this particular time.

The universe is testing your love and faith, and your angels want you to know that you are passing that test with flying colors.

Angel Number 656 And Love

If you are in a relationship, know that you are being sent positive energies of light and love from your angels.

Good things are about to happen, and your relationship will reach heights such as you have never imagined.

So many good things are about to happen to you, and these things are going to help you to have an even more intimate and much deeper connection to your partner.

Your angels want you to appreciate the gifts you are receiving, and to use them to have a positive impact on your loved ones, including your romantic partner.

If you are single, seeing angel number 656 could be a sign that this is about to change. You are filled with love, and that love is overflowing.

You are a person who has compassion and you are honest to a fault, both of which are amazing qualities to bring to relationships.

Once you find your soulmate or twin flame, there will be nothing that can stop you from having a beautiful, loving relationship.

This relationship is going to last for a lifetime, and the angels want you to know that they are happy for you.

Angel Number 656 in Numerology

Angel Number 656 broken down numerology

When it comes to 656 in numerology, know that 656 is a very powerful number indeed.

In fact, because there is a digit repeated, its power is doubled. Let’s break down the numbers to see what they really mean.

Number 5

The middle digit in angel number 656 is 5, and this is a number that represents independence and freedom. You have a very adventurous spirit, and nothing can hold you down.

Seeing this number may be an indication that travel is in your near future.

In many cases, the number 5 is about having the freedom to do whatever you want to do in life, and being independent enough to go after what you want when you want it.

It could also mean that there is something holding you back, and you need to figure out what it is and take control of the situation and your life.

Number 6

The number 6 is a powerful number that represents material prosperity.

Often, seeing this number is a sign that there are going to be new prospects heading your way, either in your career or in finances.

Because this number appears twice in angel number 656, the message is twice as powerful.

This number is also associated with the tarot card, The Lovers. While this could represent your love life, it is more likely that it is about loving yourself.

You are being reminded that you need to take care of yourself and not rely on others to give you constant reassurance.

Number 8

When you add 6 plus 5 plus 6, you get 17. Add the 1 and the 7, and you get the number 8. This number is connected to internal and external forces that may be holding you back from where you want to be in life.

It may be that things aren’t going right for you at the moment, and you need to find ways to take back your control.

Your angels may be telling you that you need to find ways to overcome the forces that are keeping you from achieving your life goals.

The number 8 is associated with the Strength card in tarot.

You are being told that you have the strength to overcome anything, and there isn’t anything that can stop you. There is nothing you can’t handle, as long as you have faith.

Things You Can Do When You Keep Seeing Angel Number 656

Seeing 656

When you receive messages from the angels, you need to act immediately.

If you are seeing angel number 656 everywhere you look, it means that you need to take steps to act on this message. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Have an open mind about everything that is happening in your life. Change is inevitable, and you need to be open to it and ready when it happens.
  • Be sure to use meditation and prayer, along with positive affirmations, in order to keep having a positive mindset.
  • Be thankful to the angels for their help while you are on your journey through life.
  • Find ways to balance your life. Take some time to get rid of the clutter in your home, using Feng Shui to bring about good energy.
  • Learn from your past achievements and failures.


It is no coincidence that you are seeing angel number 656 in random places.

Your angels are sending you messages to let you know how much they love you, and to guide you to a better life.

Listen to what they are saying, and heed the advice that is being given to you through angel numbers.

If you’re looking for more information about angel numbers and their meanings, be sure to check out our other articles on the subject.

We’ve got a lot of great content that can help you learn more about these mysterious signs and what they could mean for your life. Thanks for reading!

Angel Number 656: The 5 Big Meanings (Including Twin Flame)

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